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How Reload Works

In slower economies, manufacturers and distributors choose reload as a strategy to reduce transportation expenses.  Further expenses are cut by using a third party off sight secure storage site like a Reload Facility.

A Reload Center is strategically located warehousing units where inventory can be shipped by rail or truck then shipped out to customers as needed.  Herndon Reload is located directly next the Norfolk Southern Keystone Line, which runs from New Orleans to Toronto.  NS’s Keystone Line also has access to its large East West rail line-the Mid Atlantic, which runs from Chicago to Philadelphia and connects nearly every point west.

Products or inventory are delivered to Herndon by rail, unloaded from the rail car and stored on site.  When our customer needs the inventory, they dispatch their own trucks to Herndon to deliver the product to its final destination.


Here’s an Example:

ABC Company is located about 25 miles away from us.

They figured out they would actually save money by having their raw material (lumber) shipped directly to Herndon Reload Facility.

So their lumber, mostly from Canada, gets shipped on rail cars along the Norfolk Southern Main Line, and stops at Herndon Reload.  They normally have 2 train cars full of lumber delivered at a time.

The train stops at our facility, and using a fork lift, we unload their material and store it until ABC Company is ready for it.  We will store their material up to 30 days- FREE-inside or outside storage.

In the case of ABC Company, the cost to physically unload their lumber by forklift and store it for up to 30 days only costs $545 per car load.

Want to see if it’s cheaper to use rail and reload?

Ask your supplier for price by rail from their facility to Herndon Reload, located at SPUR # P-41.

Ask your supplier for a price by truck from their facility to Herndon Reload along Route 147 in Herndon, PA (Northumberland County).

Make sure you remember to compare “apples to apples” 1 rail car holds about the same as 4 trucks.  Compare your costs and see where you can save.

If you’ll save money- then you’re ready to schedule your first “reload”.

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