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Prices are figured first by the board length.  Herndon Reload uses a base price of $5.00 per thousand board foot for railcar reloads.

But, many factors go into the pricing of a railcar reload like type of material, storage requirements, and frequency. Some examples of pricing:

Level 1:  73' Center Beam Rail Car with Lumber      $545
Level 1:  Standard Box Car with plywood                $545
Level 2:  Box Car with smaller packs of lumber       $695
Level 3:  Box Car with perishables like Onions        $895


No hidden charges!  Look what is included in our reload prices:

  • Coordination of the arrival of the rail car to our yard
  • Complete unloading of the rail car
  • Notification to you of arrival of product, what exactly came in
  • Storage of your product either indoor or outside
  • No additional charge for first 30 days of storage
  • Reloading back onto your truck
  • Assistance with contact with reliable trucks and drivers
  • We also unload Van Trailers or Box Trailers -the enclosed tractor trailers

We also unload van trailers and enclosed box trailers


Long Term Storage and Warehousing Prices:

  • Your first 30 days are free
  • Inside Storage:  $4.00 per unit per month when available
  • Outside Storage:  50¢ per unit per month

We tend to fill up our storage faculties in the Winter and sometimes in the fall.  Make sure to make your arrangements early.

Per Sq. Feet per year guarantees inside storage.

Call Omar and tell him you want the “1st 30 Days Free” Offer