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Why Reload Is Cheaper

Herndon Reload  can reduce some-if not a lot of your transportation costs by using our facility in Herndon.

By shipping on Norfolk-Southern’s Main line, we can pull your shipments and store them here until you and your customers are ready to use them.

Consider a few more benefits by using a rail reload facility:

Save up to 30% transporting your product.  Some of our customers have saved as much as 56% by shipping rail directly to Herndon without shipping it to their final destination.  If you are losing on your margin on your material because of falling prices, this could be an easy way to get some of that profit back.

We act as your very own storage facility.  With over 5 acres of exterior storage and 30,000 square feet of interior storage you can leave your inventory with us for a few days or a few months.  Some our storage rates start at 50 cents/bundle/month!

The Herndon Reload Co. unloads railcars at our centrally located facility and either stores your products for future distribution or re-loads your products directly onto trucks for final delivery.  The process can also work in reverse by loading railcars with your products that can be delivered to your customers directly.

  • Inside and Outside Storage up to 9 months
  • 1st 30 days of storage is free
  • Can provide trucking throughout all the midstate
  • Lumber, grain, produce, hay, wood pellets, dry wall, bricks, shingles, steel bars & plates, wire, plastics...

We’ve saved freight dollars for these industries:

  • Shed Manufacturers
  • Furniture Shops
  • Deck Crews
  • Farmers
  • Construction