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We Can Do It Cheaper Than You...

We’re reliable and dependable at

  • Pre Drilling.....up to 8 holes for wiring or plumbing for studs
  • Re-sawing.....turn your 6 x 6’s into 2 x 6’s
  • Trimming.....get a 20’ footer delivered, and we’ll cut into two 7’s and one 6’ for you
  • Pre Cut Studs.....cut an 8 footer into 91 ½"  and store it here
  • And rough cut lumber into pallet material and send it out again

at our facility on the Dauphin/Northumberland County line.

Have your material delivered directly to us on rail, then

  • We will remanufacture exactly like you want
  • We send it out to where you want or store it for a while
  • We can even help get you connected to affordable local trucking

Call us to get a quote and see if we can cut your costs.

Located right on the Main Line of Norfolk Southern, serving over 4.750 points throughout North American.

We can help with the transport, storage and manufacturing of.....

  • Swing Sets
  • Log Furniture
  • Storage Sheds
  • Lumber
  • Building Materials
  • Bed Frames
  • etc

Call us to get a quote and see if we can cut your costs.