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At Herndon, we will remanufacture your material exactly how you want it, while saving you money in the process. Take a look at some of the services we offer:

Precision end trimming (P.E.T.)

Send in your material to be pre-cut to standard or custom stud length.


Get your existing wood sawn into different sizes i.e. turn your dimensional lumber into furring strips, pallet material, or bed foundation material.

Pallet materials

We will rip rough cut lumber into 1×4-80” slats for pallets and send it out again. We can also cut to almost any size for specialty pallets.

Fence pickets

Get your wood cut into fence pickets using custom tooling.

Custom orders

We can do almost any type of ripping, trimming, or resawing. We also consider custom assembly jobs.

Precision end trimming (P.E.T.)
Pallet materials
Fence pickets
Custom orders

All of the above and more can be done right at our facility on the Dauphin/Northumberland County line. Located right on the Main Line of Norfolk Southern, we serve over 4,750 points across North America, so you can have your material delivered directly to us on rail.

Herndon can help with the transport, storage, and manufacturing of:

  • Lumber
  • Building materials
  • Bed frames
  • Pallet material
  • Fence pickets
  • Filler sticks
  • Furring strips

… and more! Simply ask your product vendor to ship to us by rail, and we’ll handle the rest. We can unload, store it or cut to size, and ship the material wherever it needs to go.

Contact us today to get a quote, and see if we can help you cut costs.

Bundles of Lumber Pieces
Stack of Bed Frames
Bed Frames
Stack of Building Material